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Category: Dark/Atmospheric Death Metal
Country: France
    Release Date: April 15th 2022
   Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

L'abîme dévore les âmes roughly translated  to “The abyss that devours souls,” is French horde Viande’s first full-length material and hell is it wicked good. Members J (vocals, bass), B (guitars) and M (drums), whose entirely covered faces remain anonymous, have forged– clearly with absolute chaos and darkness as their guides, eight tracks of merciless Death Metal chaos that drag the meek to a hell of no escape.                                                   

The sheer intensity that the album emanates is at a colossal level, first through the insane vocals, varying from demonic growls, shrieks, to screams of anger, anguish and despair. There is quite the nuance throughout J’s fierce and genuine performance, which is worthy of careful attention along with the other most notable (and my favorite) aspect of the album– those ready for war drums. There are several atmosphere-building  slow to mid paced parts throughout, but its essence lies on the explosion of deadly and almost militaristic pummeling that is carefully accented and relentless in its attack. The guitars are just as menacing, nothing but unholy riffs prepared to destroy, no solos, not much technicality, just heavy as hell tones that instill a sense of danger and primitive survival. Monstrous growls along cavernous atmospheric passages can also be found in tracks such as “Les Dents Du Gouffre,” which along with “Le Ventre Monde”are my favorite due to their variation of sounds, pace and atmospheres; successfully portraying a crushingly detailed narrative of pure devastation. 

L'abime dévore les âmes isn’t an album that will evoke any sense of melancholy or gloom, it’s vicious and nightmarish in its description of chaos so that the tortured minds of those that relish in Death/Black hatred might find solace or even some enjoyment. Among other acts of similar tone or atmosphere, the likes of  Beherit, Archgoat, Diocletian, Revenge, Heresiarch, Nuclearhammer and Vesicant quickly come to mind and the message is clear –Hell, whether it exists in another plane, here on Earth or in our own tortured human minds, is real. 

Rated: 8/10

1. Les dents du gouffre
2. Le ventre monde
3. La tombe avide
4. Miroir décharné
5. Le souffle des os
6. Traitre a la vie
7. Lueurs de cendres
8. Langues de brume

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