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"Imperial Congregation" is a hard-hitting album and direct to the metal side of any lover of extreme in Heavy Metal, because it has everything and for everyone; hooks, industrial parts, black metal, and above all an inspired Blood Red Throne that proves to be the greatest eminence of Death Metal in Norway. Being a name to take into account in terms of considerable collections to have everything in their physical formats. It's already one of those bands that know how to make their music and always have small details that motivate you to spin their music over and over again with many doses of current affairs in their style, and thanks to this tenth album I spent about two weeks with the entire discography and keep me motivated to enter the infernal pogo like the first time I saw them live. That's why Dargedik agreed with an interview with Daniel.

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Daniel DØD Olaisen (guitar)

DARGEDIK: Welcome Daniel to Dargedik webzine pages. It's great pleasure to talk with you about Blood Red Throne and this new beast "Imperial Congregation" and more into the Heavy Metal world. To start this interview how was your first tour here in South America? Which country was the most enthusiastic here? Any special anecdote to tell us that will follow your entire life? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: Salud! We have played several times in Mexico, but it was awesome to do more countries in South America on our little tour some years back. Your fans are the craziest! I remember when we drove downtown in Bogota, Meathook(guitar) started to film these young hookers standing on the street. All of a sudden, they started running towards the car and they threw this big stone on our window and ran after our van. Apparently, filming them was not a good idea, haha. The shows in Colombia were pretty awesome, however. 

DARGEDIK: Talking about the old days in Blood Red Throne since 1998 and with 10 albums now. How do you see things in Blood Red Throne after 23 years of your carrier? Which memories are the most important from your perspective since the beginning of these days? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: We have been around for a long time and I have been there all the way. There's been ups and downs as every band experiences this, but I'm grateful to have traveled many parts of the world and met your crazy people. Sure, we might deserve to be bigger and more recognized according to many fans, but the most important thing is that we have a good time, create killer music and share it with you! 

DARGEDIK: I always want to ask about the label change in Blood Red Throne. Coz since your start, the first two were released by Hammerheart Records, then the next three were released by Earache Records, then in 2011 & 2013 were released by Sevared Records. And finally, the last two were supported by Candlelight Records and Mighty Music and with this "Imperial Congregation" you are with Nuclear Blast. Why did the band have regular label changes in your 23 years? Is there a reason for these changes? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: So, we got several offers after we did our first official demo in 2000. Hammerheart Records was a perfect start for us and we had a good relationship. Two albums later, we wanted to take a step up and were honored to sign with legendary Earache Records. Many fans still think our first album on Earache is our best and if they had played their cards well, we'd possibly have our breakthrough then. Anyway, we did 3 albums on Earache and our relationship was not good in the end. It was a huge step down to sign with a small label like Sevared Records, but they were surprisingly enough the only label interested then. We had a great relationship with them, but both parties knew that it was wrong. Still, we did two albums and when Candlelight Records came knocking at our door, we thought it would start a new era. That never happened and it ended with one release only. Even then, after so many years of touring and releasing many good albums, no big labels came our way. I actually wanted to release stuff by ourselves at that moment, but I got in touch with Mighty Music from Denmark and gave them the chance to release "Fit to Kill" (2019). This relationship was also pretty ok, but again, we deserved something bigger. I was in touch with Gerardo from Nuclear Blast all the way since 2010 when I met him in LA when we toured and I tried to convince him from every album since our self-titled. The problem was that he really wanted to sign us. but he didn't get a green light from the headquarter in Germany. However, I never gave up and I sent him every album coming out this period. When I started recording demos for "Imperial Congregation", I sent him some previews, and this time he was like, fuck, we really need to sign Blood Red Throne this time. I remember when he e-mailed me one day and told bro, it's all good. Welcome to the family. I was so excited and when I told my band they couldn't believe it. Things have been so fuckin' smooth ever since and I know for sure that things will happen for us now! 

DARGEDIK: One thing that has always captured my attention in Blood Red Throne music from "Monument of Death" (2001) to this "Imperial Congregation". It is the approach with Black Metal elements and Industrial elements which always tells me that we are in front of a difference after many years and according to Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse. You are one of the last bands with personal sound with Aeon from Sweden. Why does Blood Red Throne's music have this pattern on every album? And what does it feel like to be one of the most consistent bands in Death Metal in Norway? Coz I think you're the only one that has more than 10 productions into Black Metal country. 

BLOOD RED THRONE: You're correct. Of course, Blood Red Throne is death metal. But, coming from black metal both Tchort and I, it was just natural to incorporate some black metal-ish riffs. I don't know about industrial elements though, but maybe Meathook brought in some of that when he joined. However, the basic is death metal. Everybody expected black metal when I started this band with Tchort in 1998, but we always intended to make a death metal band. There are still not many bands from Norway playing death metal, but we will hang in for many years to come! 

Yngve Bolt Christiansen (vocals)

DARGEDIK: Within the last part, why did you decide to lean to Death Metal style and not play Black Metal? And you could say that thanks to Blood Red Throne. Norway has its own sound in Death Metal? Coz there are few bands like Diskord, Obliteration, Cadaver and the split-up band Molested with a different kind of Death Metal if we try to compare with the Swedish, Finnish, Britain school. 

BLOOD RED THRONE: I like good music. Whether it's rock, pop, or metal. I like many types of metal. However, if I had to choose, death metal is my absolute fave kind of music. I'm heavily inspired by the US death metal scene from the '90s. Maybe the mix of coming from Norway and black metal makes Blood Red Throne a little bit different. We're not super-original for sure, but we make the worst-ass death metal in our opinion! 

DARGEDIK: For many people who follow your career from the beginning. One of the things that have the most attention is that "Patriotic Hatred" was used as a soundtrack for Hatred (2015) game. And for me, it was a pleasant end to this game, besides that the music fits perfectly with all the massacre that was found in that game. How was the idea of participating in this game? And what do you think of the FPS games with all reality used these days? Will we hear again Blood Red Throne in another video game? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: At that time, we had a different singer, and bassist also. Both of them were huge gamer fans and especially Martin on vocals was really into war games. He asked me if he could contact the guys behind Hatred and ask if they wanted to use our music. I thought that this would be good promotion for us indeed and it turned out that they were huge Blood Red Throne fanáticos. The rest is history, but we had some reactions both ways on this stunt. Oh well, fuck it. We'll probably not do this again. Maybe, we'll do some soundtrack for a movie next time, hehe! 

Stian Gunner Gundersen (bass)

DARGEDIK: If we focus a little on the lineup since 1998. You and Freddy are the last members of the first lineup in Blood Red Throne. What does it feel like to be with the same person for more than 20 years? And what would happen in the supposed case that Freddy decided to step away from Blood Red Throne? How would you take this decision? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: Well, I'm the only one being around from the beginning to the end. Freddy left the band right after "Monument of Death" in 2001 and returned in 2013. I always stayed in touch with Freddy and he never wanted to leave the band. But he moved back to his hometown, far away from my hometown, and back at that time, we had this strange thought that all members had to live in the same city, haha. Thinking about it now, we should have stuck together regardless of him moving. Freddy is the oldest one in the band and got the hardest job playing drums. But he's a stayer and loves death metal, so I hope he will stay for many years to come. Blood Red Throne will be around as long as I'm there! 

DARGEDIK: After 23 years and 10 albums being a forceful and direct band within Death Metal. Did you ever think to include technical or progressive elements to the band's music in the coming albums? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: What is technical? I mean, we're basically a straightforward death metal band, but some riffs are pretty intricate. Anyway, I don't care how simple or technical a song is as long as it gonna make you go apeshit and put the badass smile on your face. 

Ivan Meathook Gujic (guitar)

DARGEDIK: In the personal aspect, could you summarize in one word what each Blood Red Throne release has left for you? A single word that summarizes each time each album was released, what emotions appear today while you're waiting at home for the release of the new album. And these emotions are there after 23 years like the first time? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: I've released 25 studio albums so far and it's always exciting when a new album comes out. I'm even more excited now because I know I write better music. Satisfaction would be the keyword. Cause I've always been happy and excited when recording a new album. Craving and pushing for more would be other words describing where we wanna go. 

DARGEDIK: Although it seems a cliché, most bands always classify their latest installment as "the best of their careers", what do you feel about this new album? And what are the future plans for Blood Red Throne? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: Well, in this case, there's no doubt. I was really satisfied with "Union of Flesh and Machine" (2016) and "Brutalitarian Regime" (2011), but "Imperial Congregation" is the next level dude. Nuclear Blast and we also signed with a big booking agency. When the world opens up, we will tour all the way! 

Freddy Bolsø (drums)

DARGEDIK: Until here we spoke about the band, the new album, line-up, and more things related to Blood Red Throne. But now we speak the common things like in the last years, the classic Death Metal began to saturate. Also, we talked with Tomb Mold, Necrowretch and other bands about the old-school Death Metal will saturate in the Next 5 or 10 years and the style will decay in creativity. Do you think old-school Death Metal will saturate in the next few years? Is there a way to expand the style without looking at the past? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: There will always be bands trying to experiment and find new ways. Luckily, there will always be bands and old-school heads like Blood Red Throne to maintain the old-school death metal the way it should be! 

DARGEDIK: Into the matter of how an underground band and a conventional band was should be considered, there are patterns that more vinyl or cassette productions stick to the underground concept, and the CD only expanded the collections of the fans. What do you think are the factors for fans to stick to this underground metal concept? And where are located the digital platforms? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: This goes both ways I think. I don't blame people for using digital platforms. It's a matter of practical reasons. However, the vinyl will never die. People love this format regardless of musical genres and it's a fact that it's something extra special about vinyls. Both soundwise and cover and artwork. As for CDs, I'm sure they will stay for many years as well. The cassette format is just a statement I think towards the modern music industry. As long as the music reaches out to everybody, we need it all! 

DARGEDIK: Another detail is about the listening methods of the fans, coz this new generation prefers to hear one or two songs on the digital platforms. What are you think about the albums doesn't have the same impact in comparison to the 80s or 90s? And what do bands need to do to improve the listening of all songs in albums? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: I hate it. I wanna listen to a whole album when my fave bands release new stuff. It's like in the '80s too. I know it was about money, but fuck it. I can tolerate ONE single before the whole album. 3 or 4 singles are just stupid. I know we're doing it ourselves, but it's our label deciding. Not the band. Give me the whole album right away, damn it! I guess making music or lyric videos to each song is something that would help making the kids check out all songs. Funny thing though, I've noticed that all my bands got way more views/streams on the very first song being released than the rest. Maybe they only need to check out one tune and then move on to the next band. I dunno. It's strange. I wanna go back to the old times when we waited and were super-excited when our fave bands released their stuff. Bought the albums and sat for hours and days and listened to the albums very carefully. People got more into the music back in the day I would say. There are exceptions of course. A zillion bands are a factor as well. It's impossible to notice all music being released. 

DARGEDIK: Well, Daniel. The sad time arrived at this interview, I hope you enjoy this one as I did, and thank you very much for your time. Congratulations on the new one. As always it's a killer album! Take care during this pandemic situation and our best wishes from this part of the world. Any last words for your Latin America fans and Dargedik readers? 

BLOOD RED THRONE: Support quality. Not quantity. Blood Red Throne will always be there to give you the finest old-school death metal. And we are coming back to you for sure to kick ass and party. Saluuuuud!

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