Death Metal
Release Date:
February 24th, 2022
Hailing from Germany, Denomination are a new Death Metal act that have put to the altar of Death Metal chaos an offering of the filthy “Swedish Chainsaw” style. Both worshiped for its unique approach and hated for its lack of technicality, the style which is characterized by its “chainsaw” guitar sound through the use of the Boss HM-2 pedal, Crustpunk inspired drumming styles and death growls, was created by Swedish youths back in the early ‘90s as they tried to push the limits of sound aggression. As the rotten years passed by, many tried to follow on the path of the crusty old chainsaw, some succeeded to various degrees, but others have failed–creating boring, repetitive riffs and outright copied their predecessors without sparks of originality; however, Denomination has managed to escape to the other side rather unscathed with the creation of “They Burn As One.” 

Invoking disgusting imagery through both the lyrics and sound, it seems as if the  album has been carefully crafted with the straightforward purpose of being in your face and beating you up relentlessly. It is a badass, heavily equipped with brutal, energy fueled tracks that will destroy those unprepared without forgetting about detail, funky rhythm and hints of melodicism as the brains are splattered throughout the place. 


If the sound of the HM-2 ripping through flesh is your thing, as it is mine, this album cannot go ignored. Though perhaps it suffers from being a bit too organized in its chaos, (the blood has been cleaned after the murder) the sound can feel a bit too clean to a few rotten ears prefering an older, rawer and messier sound. Aside from that, it does its job at chainsawing through the already messed up brains that seek for relief in the tormenting distorted noise and is highly recommended to worshippers of the old and revival  schools of the Swedish style such as Entombed, Dismember, In Pain, Under the Church, Maim, Bloodbath, Lik. 

Rated: 8/10

Song List:

01. Intro
02. This Is Resurrection
03. Bugs
04. Left Hand of God
05. Selfseeker
06. Hydrofluoric Acid
  07.  Slow Decay
    08. Requiem to Harry
 09. Cleansing Flames
 10. Der Mensch Über Alles
 11. Conscious Mind
 12. Hate Decade in Review
 13. Outro

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