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Category: Black Metal Country: Poland Release Date: February 6th, 2022 Label:  Black Death Production 

Anti-Life Polish act Sarg, comprised of current members A., Krzysiek Berent and Sadogoat, embark us on a cold, grueling trip through dark realms of Black Metal bleakness with their ninth full length simply titled “Demon.” Perhaps the grueling winters of the Central European nation are responsible for the variety of excellent Black Metal hordes spawning out in recent years, including Sarg whose cold, raw style, evokes the same grimness as the second wave of Black Metal did– taking us through paths of absolute hopelessness and desolation, but without losing their own touch of wickedness. 

The carefully tremolo-picked riffs go from deep and melancholic in a strangely bleak way, to faster and more ungodly in others, but overall with a grim and cold tonality that is quite classic for the style.  Perfectly executed, yet overwhelming high pitched shrieks act as an instrument of their own, accompanying the primitive and repetitive beat of the drums, (in an almost transylvanian hungry kind of way) for a minimalistic feel that is consistent, but not too strict. Intricacy and complexity are kept at a minimum as  the message is clearly dark, uninviting and without a trace of grandiosity– Satanic worship not in a grand altar, but out in the vast woodlands, in the brutal cold and one will not get much more than that. 

The unpretentiousness of this album, though humble, may present a problem to some, especially when lacking the low quality, gritty sound that some expect from such an approach. The overall feel is as when one escapes the dead woods after a long hike and remembers nothing but bare trees and darkness. Even after a few listens it's hard to remember specific moments and nuisance and is only left with an overall experience of emptiness, wishing the journey had been perhaps a little more exalting and less dreary. But then again, to others this simplicity is what makes this style of Black Metal great and not a lot more is needed. 

 Rated: 7.5/10 Song List:
1.Demon I
2.Demon II
3.Demon III
4.Demon VI
5.Demon V
6.Demon VI 7.Demon VII Official Pages: https://sarg666.bandcamp.com/


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