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La banda trujillana de power metal, Aragorn, nos presenta la nueva canción "The Monster under my Bed"  incluida en su reciente EP y que ademas estará incluida en su segundo disco "Descending To Sky" la cual saldrá a fines del 2012 o comienzo del 2013.

"Descending to sky" sera el segundo disco de Aragorn y contara con cerca de 10 temas , con liricas en ingles e incluirá un bonus track  del tema "Corazon de Centauro" bajo el nombre "Centauro Heart's"
Anteriormente ya habíamos escuchado su primer tema de este EP el "Descending To Sky" la cual puedes escucharlo haciendo click aqui.

The monster  under my bed
(Letra y música: Sebastian Flores)

I think I hear something weird

That comes from under my bed
I can only see his hand
It’s the same of my dreams

God help me and give me strength

my legs are paralyzed
he is approaching to me

and this is scaring me
Now I run to leave him behind

I can feel his breath

And I’ll kill him here

The prayer

Monster of my bed come back to my dreams

Monster of my dreams I know you’re not real

You are only my fears, why don’t you disappear?

It’s time to kill you for all the children

You were always one more from the killers
Today I condemn you to burn in hell

I'm now in my kitchen

can not see anything
He is walking down the stairs
I can hear it

I have the bloody knife
to kill you to take revenge

Here I am fucking monster

Kill me if you can
mama please wake me up, this seems very real

if I defeat him I'll be fine, guess I should fight

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